13 Feb 2017

Lincolnshire Poacher



An artisan cheddar-style cheese made in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.

In an area where dairy farms are very scarce and cheese making is virtually unknown Simon Jones and his brother Tim rely on the chalky land of the Lincolnshire Wolds for the rich pastures their dairy herd graze upon.

Lincolnshire Poacher is an unpasteurised cheese with a full and powerful  flavour. It's earthier than your standard cheddar with a nuttiness reminiscent of Swiss mountain cheeses.

"Our ‘girls’ are arguably the most important part of the business, because they are the ones who produce the fantastic milk, without which, it would be impossible to make great tasting cheese."

Welfare is paramount to Simon and Tim, they pride themselves on their cows, even going as far as to grow much of their feed on their farm in Lincolnshire.

We love Lincolnshire poacher. We really like to enjoy it with a strong British cider!


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