06 Apr 2017

Golden Cross


Kevin & Alison Blunt, and now their son Matthew have been making delicious goat's cheeses on their farm in East Sussex  since 1989.

All the milk used in their cheeses comes from their herd of 220 British Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpine milking goats. With the exception of their 4 male breeding goats, all of the herd have been born and reared on the farm. They spend their days grazing outside on the rich grass throughout Spring - Autumn and are housed in airy straw bedded barns at night and during the Winter, as goat's hate the cold and rain.

Golden Cross is made using raw, unpasteurised milk, vegetarian rennet and is hand made from ladelling through to the final wrapping. Depending on the time of year, it takes anywhere between 80-100 litres of milk to make a batch of 40 logs of Golden Cross.

Before maturation, the cheese is lightly charcoalled by hand, to aid maturation and growth of penicillum, it also gives a wonderful contrast to the rind against the white of the cheese.

When the cheese is young it has a firm, fine and silky texture, with a fresh, citrus flavour, but as it matures the body of the cheese becomes denser and creamier and develops stronger, more complex flavours.

This delicate goat's cheese is so versatile it's perfect for any cheese board, but we also like to enjoy it grilled on a piece of brioche.

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