05 Apr 2017

Mont D'Or


This delicious, very soft, French cheese is only made between 15th August and 15th March when the cows have come down the mountains from their Summer pastures.

The cheese is made in the foothills of mountains in the French region of Jura and is protected under appellation d'origine contrôlée, only 11 factories in the area are licensed to produce it. Most cheese-makers in this area work as co-operatives, and have done for centuries,  in order to pool together enough milk to make Comté. However at this time of year milk is too fatty and not plentiful enough for farmers to produce it. Instead they produce this much creamier, soft cheese.

The unique, nutty flavour of Mont d'Or is derived from the spruce bark in which it is wrapped. The unpasteurised cheese is washed for about three weeks, then aged for a further 2-3, which allows various natural moulds to grow and form it's almost velvety, mottled appearance. Underneath this crust like lid, sits a centre so smooth and voluptuous it's almost runny. It is a rich cheese with a full, fruity flavour.

Renowned as the only French cheese you can eat with a spoon, we certainly enjoy dipping into a perfectly ripe Mont d'Or at room temperature. However this cheese is at its finest when baked with garlic, in the box, for about 10 minutes. You are welcome.

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