06 Apr 2017



This delicious cheese is cleverly made using raw, Jersey cow's milk. Jersey Cow's milk has a high fat content with large globules of fat, which make it a challenge for cheesemakers as high levels of fat can alter the structure of the curd and cause problems with drainage.

Despite these problems, Jamie Montgomery and Tim Griffey have manged to make a delicious sticky cheese from their herd of beautiful Jersey cows in North Cadbury, Somerset.

The cheese was initially called Jersey Shield and had a natural grey-green rind, but William Oglethorpe, senior cheese-maturer at the time developed a much better method to mature the Ogleshield instead washing the cheeses every three days in a brine solution which gives it its sticky, pungent orangey-pink rind. In honour of his method, the name was changed to incorporate his surname.

The cheese has a gentle but complex flavour and is fruitt and sweet with a milky aroma, It's soft, pliant, yellow paste means it melts beautifully.

We love a slice of Ogleshield melted inside a beef burger!

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