05 Apr 2017

St. Thom


A new, unique brick shaped goat's cheese, that won the title of Best Goat's Cheese at the British Cheese Awards 2016.

St Thom, is a relatively new cheese to the British market, Produced in Worcester by Lightwood Cheese. Its producer, Haydn Roberts was formerly the head cheesemaker at Neal's Yard Creamery, where he produced goat's cheese classics such as Ragstone & Dorstone. Hadyn has recently branch out on his own, aquired Lightwood cheese and launched St.Thom.

This wonderfully bloomy rinded, citrusy cheese has a dense texture with a softer breakdown just beneath the rind and a sweet, nutty and herbaceous flavour.

We like to enjoy it on toasted sourdough, with a red onion chutney.

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