03 Apr 2017



 A fresh, mild tasting goat's milk cheese from Devonshire.

This cheese is drained in individiual colander moulds for 48 hours (resulting in its unique flying saucer shape), hand salted and then matured for 1-3 months, during which time it is turned and rubbed by hand which results in a soft texture.

The milk used for Ticklemore is pasteurised and comes from goats who graze not only on grass but also the hedgerows of the Dartmoor area.

Ticklemore is light and delicate, moist but crumbly and has a full, floral, herby & zesty palette with a subtle lemony taste.

We think Ticklmore is great with figs, dates or beetroot. If you're willing to try something a little different enjoy it with a ripe pear, you won't be disappointed.

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