03 Apr 2017

Westcombe Cheddar


The flagship cheese of The Westcombe Dairy, this hand-crafted traditional cheddar is made much in the same way as it was over 100 years ago.

This delicious artisan cheese has a mellow, lactic tang with long notes of citrus, hazelnut & caramel. Westcombe Cheddar is made from the unpasteurised milk of Holstein-Fresian cows, which reaches the dairy so quickly it's still warm from the cows when it goes into the vat. After cutting and drainage, the cheddaring of the curds, stacking and turning is done completely by hand. Curds are cloth bound with lard and matured for 11-18 months.

This cheese is credited with European PDO status and the Artisan Somerset Cheddar designation from Slow Food and many other accolades.

We love this cheddar on an oatmeal cracker, with a drizzle of honey.

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