29 Mar 2017



I was born and raised in the historic market town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire, well known as being the gateway to the beautiful Peak District. I was the youngest of 6 children - I have 5 older brothers!!!

I started my work life at a local limestone quarry and spent 8 happy years there, firstly in Sales Accounting and then in the Wages Department, making lifelong friends along the way. I left Ashbourne at 26 and have been blessed since to live in Cheshire, the fabulous Cotswolds, rural Essex and now gorgeous Suffolk!

More recent roles include Sales of security and anti-theft equipment to all sectors, customer service and training of anti theft equipment within retail, initially employed and subsequently as a freelance consultant.

More recently, due to my great love of photography, I have freed up some time to become a freelance photographer, particularly focusing (excuse the pun) on landscapes, pet portraits and related merchandise.

The things I love best about the Duck Deli are it's beautiful decor, easy ambience and...the cheese!!

My favourite product has to be the Hot Banana Ketchup.

I love them all but if I have to choose a favourite sandwich, it would have to be the Prawn Mayo on American Rye.

I have so many favourite cheeses I have to categorise

Hard:  Westcombe Cheddar

Blue:  Perl Las

Soft:  Baron Bigod

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